Dear Friends,

We are proud to announce an annual HMBIA General Assembly! We invite everyone interested in worldwide HMB development to join this year's meeting.

DATE: December 7-8, 2019

PLACE: Riga, Latvia


DRESS-CODE: Official



The terms of participation
Main information:
07-08 December, 2019, Riga, Latvia
To apply for participation and get regular membership in HMBIA, please, fill this form.
In order to apply for HMBIA Summit participation, an application form must be filled out before November 15, 2019.
We will listen to and discuss reports from the HMBIA President and Vice-President, representatives of the Marshals Committee, Tournament Committee, Authenticity Committee , HMB Soft, WMFC, BotN Also this year we plan big meeting with main organizators of Buhurt League tournaments.
The speakers will have the opportunity to answer questions after their reports, but it would be time-efficient if we could collect some of your questions in advance for representatives to take into account as part of their presentations. We therefore invite you to send us all the questions you want raised to before November 15. Also if you have important ideas or projects you would like to make a presentation about, you are welcome to send them as well.
Please note, that all countries must have a national organisation that signed a partnership agreement with HMBIA to be affiliated and have a voting right.