To make HMB combat an internationally recognised sport which appeals to a limitless audience around the world.

To combine the education of history and culture with the sportsmanship and discipline required for a sport for future generations.

To encourage everyone interested to get involved, challenge themselves and push themselves to the limit towards achieving their goals within the sport.


Creating and developing good prospects for everyone involved in HMB.

Educating participants and spectators in the art of medieval culture and sport.

Discovering new ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Bringing history into the new century through this exciting sport.



Battle of the Nations 2016 - ALL RESULTS

HMB European Open “The Belmonte Challenge” 2016

НMB Soft training camp at the Battle of the Nations – 2016

HMBIA Marshalls Summit 2016

HMBIA welcomes new international marshals!

International HMB Fighter ID

Historical Medieval Battle in USA

HMBIA Summit - 2015: Prague, Czech Republic

1-st Class Tournaments series started successfully!

HMBIA.COM website has been launched!

"What have we achieved in the year 2016"

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